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Ed Force One is the premier tribute to Iron Maiden. Based in Los Angeles, EF1 consists of veteran members of the California music and tribute scene. Combining a love of Iron Maiden with a high-energy show, powerful female vocals, and faithfully interpreted music, Ed Force One is a powerhouse tribute not-to-be-missed!


Formed in 2010 as Flight 666 by bassist Melanie Sisneros (ex-Wrathchild/The Iron Maidens/Powerslave AZ) and guitarist Michael Johnson (ex-Powerslave AZ), Ed Force One changed its name and updated its membership in 2012 and quicky grew to become a stalwart of the Los Angeles Metal scene. The band has been steadily building a global following.

Meet the Band

Vocals -


"Though she be but little, she is fierce." -Shakespeare

Melody Schoenfeld may be tiny, but packs almost 5 octaves of extreme vocal power in that little frame. Melody's athletic, high-powered performances bring Bruce Dickinson's stage energy to mind.


A native New Yorker, Melody has lived and performed all over the United States and Europe. She has been coached by vocal powerhouses such as Jaime Vendera and Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear) and performed in everything from off-Broadway theatre to heavy metal. She is, at her core, a metalhead, and has been seen fronting the Maxxxwell Carlisle project (of Hellion fame) as well as numerous cover bands, tribute bands, and studio gigs. In addition to Ed Force One, Melody currently performs with Störmbringer Deep Purple Tribute as well as an original, yet-to-be-named power metal project with veteran shredder Chris Ulrey.


When she's not behind a microphone, Melody is a competitive powerlifter with three state and American powerlifting records under her belt. She also performs oldtime strongman feats such as bending structural steel bars and nails and tearing phone books in half. Melody has a master's degree in Health Psychology and owns a small personal training studio as well as a small equipment manufacturing company. She speaks at numerous fitness-related events around the world. In her free time, she loves writing, reading, sketching, cooking, travel, being outdoors, and is very active in animal rescue. Melody is also highly skilled in telling horrible jokes.

Bass -


Melanie Sisneros has been a stalwart of the local original and tribute metal scene. An original, founding member of The Iron Maidens, Melanie’s Iron Maiden tribute bona fides also include Wrathchild: A Unique tribute to Iron Maiden and Powerslave (AZ’s Tribute to Iron Maiden). She has also played with Hangar 18 (Megadeth Tribute), Mz Led (all-girl Led Zeppelin tribute) and original bands Deathriders, Sinergy, Raven Mad, New Eden and Crescent Shield, among others. Her bass work can be heard on The Last of My Kind and The Stars of Never Seen from Crescent Shield (Cruz Del Sur Records) as well as several tracks recorded on cover compilations with New Eden and Whole Lotta Rosies.


When she’s not playing with Ed Force One, she is playing nationally and Internationally with Whole Lotta Rosies (LA’s All Girl Tribute to AC/DC) and with 2 Hot 2 Handle (all-female tribute to UFO).


Mel’s bass gods include Steve Harris (of course), Cliff Burton, Geezer Butler, John Taylor, D.D. Verni, Bob Daisley, Markus Grosskopf. She loves a myriad of subgeneres of Metal, classic rock, 80’s nu-wave, and a touch of oldies.


A self proclaimed geek and crazy cat lady, Mel can be found reading comic books or delving into the latest Superhero movie or TV show, hanging out at Disneyland (or other theme parks), nerding out with the latest technology, or doting on cats.


Guitar -


Hailing from France, Michael "MJ" Johnson was quickly drawn to the NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) at the age of 11 and realized it was the perfect music to match his personality. A self-taught shredder, Michael played and recorded in Europe for years before moving to Los Angeles. He soon started writing instrumental rock guitar soundtracks that have been featured on numerous video game platforms, including Sega, Sega-CD, Sony PlayStation, PC Titles, and won the Best Video Game Music Award in Las Vegas for The Terminator Sega CD title.


MJ's virtuoso abilities have been featured in such bands as the Iron Maiden tribute Wrathchild, Orange County's AC/DC tribute OC/DC, and well-known Megadeth tribute Hangar 18. With Hangar 18, Michael opened for Danzig in Las Vegas and headlined the Metalfest festival in El Paso, TX. MJ also formed Powerslave, a tribute to Iron Maiden, which Melanie Sisneros


joined a few months later. After a short time with the band Maiden LA, the passion for Iron Maiden’s music eventually led to forming Ed Force One with the current line-up and old friends from Hangar 18.

Besides his love for 80’s Hard-Rock and Heavy Metal, Michael is a computer geek by day and works as a Senior Network Engineer. His free time is dedicated to anything music related, concerts, writing, recording, etc. Other interests include movies (Sci-Fi/Action-Adventure), cars, and his feline companions.


Guitar -


When he’s not shredding for Ed Force One, Dave Gold also enjoys laying down the thunder playing bass for other tribute bands including Project UFO and Störmbringer Deep Purple Tribute. Dave also has provided tracks on studio albums and has been a gun for hire for a variety of cover bands. As a founding and former member of Damage, Inc.., Dave knows what it takes to make a band sound great.


In addition to his passion for music, Dave’s life revolves around helping animals. Not only is he a volunteer at Irvine Animal Care Center, he also is taking courses in Veterinary Technology to be able to give more direct help to animals in need. And, of course, his 3 dogs and 2 cats take up any time left over at home!


Drums -


Hailing from the small mining town of Pittston, PA, Dave Chedrick was enchanted with the drums at a very young age. His neighbors had a drum kit and he would spend hours at their house, learning everything he could, until his parents finally got him a kit of his own at age 9. He learned from some of the best in the business, with teachers such as Carl Canedy (The Rods), A.J. Pero (Twisted Sister), Rob Carson (world champion snare drummer), Virgil Donati (Cab, Planet X), and Freddy Dinkins (professor, Musician’s Institute).


Dave moved to Los Angeles in 1999. He has toured worldwide and preformed as the drummer for bands and artists such as Graphic Violence, Joey Belladonna (Anthrax), Chris Poland (Megadeth), David Ellefson (Megadeth), Dreams of Damnation, Hirax, Anger as Art, New Eden, Michael Angelo Batio (Nitro), Deathriders, Wasted Faith, Hangar 18, (Megadeth tribute), and Heretic. In 2002, Dave was one of three people to be invited to audition for Slayer in San Francisco. He has played for crowds of thousands at Dokkem Open Air, Metal Bash, Rock Tower, Headbanger’s Open Air, Minneapolis Metalfest, and Thrash Against Cancer.


Dave is sponsored by the Silken Cymbal company. He is also an expert aerospace welder and makes his own custom cymbal stands and drum risers.


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